Front Facade of Exhibit

Front Facade of Exhibit


This past weekend Aquidneck Landworks volunteered through RINLA to build the Showcase exhibit for the Rhode Island Home Show. Before we get started, ALW would like to thank the Rhode Island Builders Association (RIBA), Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Association (RINLA), Providence Career and Technical Academy, UNILOCK, and Arnold Lumber, for their support and the opportunity to showcase our work within the show.

Monday,The beginning of the build.

The house was being framed and the layout for the landscape was marked by Louis Cotoia from Arnold Lumber. By 6pm Aquidneck Landworks employees, Dan, John, Juan, Jose, Louie, and Rony all were working with Marc from UNILOCK to lay the main walkway of the back patio.

Backyard Day 1

Backyard Day 1

Beginning of the patio

Beginning of the patio


Tuesday, The build continued.

Dan translated CAD plans to taped spaces on the floor and started organizing materials and plants. Providence Career and Technical Academy volunteered their Carpentry and Electrical classes. Once the students were done with the house they got their hands dirty helping Aquidneck Landworks build walls lay pavers and bring mulch to build the garden beds. I tried to get a photo of everyone together but the bell struck end of class and the students were nowhere to be found. By the end of the day the exhibit was looking sharp, the fire pit was installed, the permeable paver exhibit was installed and running, the sod was laid out and cut to fit, plants were watered and looking happy and all the furniture on the inside of the house had been positioned.

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Wednesday, The Final details were included.

Walls were finished, plants watered and checked three times for stray tags and dead leafs. All the signage was posted and the RINLA booth was positioned towards the front of the exhibit. A calm day, before the storm of opening day.

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Thursday, Opening day for the show.

Despite the snowstorm everyone was crunching. Aquidneck Landworks was given the opportunity to have a booth for the expo. After the marketing supplies were gathered Dan joined Bob Matthews (RINLA) at the showcase exhibit where he had installed bird figures, planted perennials in the front window boxes, and places some pussy willow branches in the rain garden. The mayor and governor of Rhode Island and Providence respectively, gave a quick talk about energy conservation, building, and the future of Rhode Island after touring the showcase exhibit.

20150305_174339 20150304_181541

Friday, The show continues!  

Hopefully some of our viewers met Dan at the Aquidneck Landworks booth today. The first really busy day of the show, many people were happy to see all the exhibits and displays put on by the many vendors the Home Show attracts. From what Dan gathered from the everyone the Tiny house exhibit was popular, the Showcase was beautiful, and everyone had found many products they would like to have in their homes as well as met many friendly contractors.


Saturday, Third show-day.

After a busy week of Home Show prep and plowing, Aquidneck Landworks president Rick Miranda was at the booth marketing our services to customers. He met with many people and had a great time making connections for the future of the company.

Sunday, Show Closing and Breakdown.

The Last day of the show marks the end of a huge effort put forth by many passionate people in the building industry. After a long week of building, and networking the show has to be broken down and stored. All the pavers went back on their pallets and all the plants were trucked back to URI’s East Farm in Wakefield RI. Aquidneck Landworks’ John and Rony, along with Marc and others helped to disassemble every wall, the fire pit, and each garden bed.

After a very successful Home Show, Aquidneck Landworks is looking forward to meeting with new clients, working with new builders, Architects, suppliers, and sub-contractors. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and resources to put the show on, and all the people who came to support RIBA, RINLA, and local businesses. Looking forward to next year!

Thank you!

PS. Photos to come, I’ve been having trouble with our Uploader.