RINLA Winter Meeting, UNILOCK Contractor Advantage Seminar, Rhode Island Certified Horticulturalist class / exam.

Winter is a time when many landscaping companies loose momentum and hibernate. Not Aquidneck Landworks, we are busy with snow removal, training and certification classes to ensure that our customers are met with up-to-date, educated service providers!

The Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Association (RINLA) hosted its Winter meeting and Expo. Rick and Dan attended lectures regarding Low Impact Development, Perennial Garden Design, Sustainable Garden Design, Permaculture theory classes, and seminars on this years plant pests and insecticide products that are more effective than last years. Aquidneck Landworks employee Dan Danvers was presented as the new Junior Board Member for RINLA and started his term just in time to help with the Rhode Island Flower Show and the Rhode Island Home Show.

As UNILOCK Authorized Contractors, Aquidneck Landworks is invited to seminars teaching us how to build our business to be more efficient and better organized. Rick and Dan attended the Landscape Management Network seminar (presented by UNILOCK) in Milton, Massachusetts. This two day seminar exposed us to new bidding procedures and business organization methods that are currently being integrated. Aquidneck Landworks sent John, Rony, and Louis to a UNILOCK Contractor Advantage Seminar where they were updated with new installation techniques and new products offered by UNILOCK.

Dan has been attending the Rhode Island Certified Horticulturist class, offered by RINLA and taught by Susan Gordon. This class is the standard for all landscape maintenance professionals. The class teaches the mastery of plant identification, goes over standards of safety, fertilizing, insecticides, herbicides, and botany.


Photos to Come!! Please stand by.